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Snack Obsession: Somersaults

I was recently introduced to these delicious little snacks and they have me completely addicted.  You might be thinking, a somersault is something gymnasts do, Ali, not something you eat, but I’m not lying: Somersault Snack Co. makes these delicious little nuggets of sunflower seeds and toasted grains.  They come in a few different flavors […]

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Summer’s Got Me Back on a Reading Roll

As I mentioned last time, my next pick on my reading list was inspired a bit by my love of Downton Abbey.  Fans of the series will recall that Cora, the Countess of Grantham, comes from a rich American family and her fortune kept her husband’s estate running into the 20th century.  Turns out the […]

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Goodbye Gunslinger, For Now

Well after a few good months and getting two books ahead I started reading the third book in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. The story of Roland, the last gunslinger, and his companions is interesting, but it is EPIC.  Not only in length (I still have five books in the series to read in my […]

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My First Mother’s Day

Well my lovely middle child, Alison,  asked me to write something for the OAM blog from a mother’s perspective.  She “offered” some ideas, but I decided to share a little about my first mother’s day, which happens to be 29 years ago this weekend. Friday, May 11, 1984 will forever be a wonderous day of my life.  The night before […]

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Almond Champagne Risotto

Back when my culinary skills were more or less boiling water for mac & cheese or rice-a-roni and occasionally scrambling eggs, I tried to recreate risotto that my sister had made one weekend at our parents.  I was a little scared to make it because it seemed kinda complicated, I was constantly checking the recipe […]

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