…And Many More!!

Today marks the two year anniversary of our very first post! If this blog were a human being, we’d be toddlers!

OAM First Night

The night where the idea of OAM was born. Notice the presence of wine here and at every event since.

2013 was a busy year for the OAM ladies! We started new jobs and open new businesses. We’ve increased our circle to include some new event attendees, contributing writers, and a new series on video games! Hopefully we’ve succeeded in bringing you a variety of topics and experiences for you to share with the women in your lives, whether it’s fashion, television, recipes, body image, and the never-ending quest for hairlessness. And of course, we shared with you the times that we’ve spent together!


Our goal has always been to share what it’s like to be a woman in this time and place. Our team of men at Ask XY have answered our burning questions and we have bared our souls with our Lady Confessions. Since March 21, 2012, we’ve shared 552 posts and we plan to keep at it! We’re really excited about our upcoming events for March and April, so stay tuned!

The neon run

As always, you can show your love for all things OAM by shopping at our Cafepress store! (you’ll see our link to the right ;) ) where you can pick up some swag specially designed by us! We’ve got clothing, drinkware, bags, and baby stuff. We also want to use our store as a means of giving back! We will be designing special products where all the profits will be donated to charity. Check out the design for Ronald McDonald House!

Shop OAM Photo

Thank you all for following OAM, liking us on Facebook, commenting on posts, and allowing us to share our stories with you!

Bryce, Kyla, Tosha & Ali


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One Comment on “…And Many More!!”

  1. March 26, 2014 at 2:53 pm #

    Happy birthday to you! Love this blog and wish you nothing but continued awesomeness! :)

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