Dove: Thought Before Action

We here at OAM are avid followers of the Dove Beauty Campaign. We have posted about past campaigns before (Here) and have even focused on our own beauty and self confidence campaign called The Self Love Project.

It’s very inspiring to see what they will come up with next! Check out the newest addition to the Dove Beauty Campaign!

you are beautiful.

xo, kyla


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One Comment on “Dove: Thought Before Action”

  1. August 6, 2013 at 7:38 am #

    I think there’s more to this picture of the name “Dove” than meets the eye.

    They posture as a beautiful company, but everyone knows that’s just too good to be true. If parent company Unilever, and even Dove itself really “cared” they’d do a LOT more than the little bit they’re loudly proclaiming to be over-achieving with regards sourcing sustainable palm oil. As it is, they’re merely leading the industry in dragging their feet on taking seriously the enormous externalized costs palm oil represents: contributing directly to climate change by having Indonesian farmers clear crucially important peat swamp lands for the sake of growing horrible palm trees; and clearing forest lands thereby reducing the already shockingly reduced homelands of the gorgeously cute orangutan.

    So, while I agree that these commercials are … “good” in their challenging of our perceptions and definitions of beauty, we need to continue to challenge ourselves to think even further outside the box presented by even the best marketing strategies; we need to continue to challenge ourselves to be truly ethical consumers. In this day and age, and even this fortnight when finally the EPA is demanding immediate and effective action on climate change beyond the token mutterings of what Obama has only just started to suggest, we need now to start to share the awareness that even the soap you buy and the shampoo in your bathroom cupboard IS part of the bigger picture of contributing to the next Super-storm Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, wild-fire season, or drought, let alone reducing the chance our grandchildren will be able to see such magnificent creatures as the orangutan alive on our fragile shared Earth.

    You want beauty? Check out Gina McCarthy:

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