The Curvier Side of Hollywood, Take 2

It would seem that the curvier, full-figured women are no longer just the comedy side-kicks that are funny because they are chubby. Granted it’s still prevalent throughout movies and television, but now you don’t have to be stick thin to be a leading lady. Last April, we published a post about Hollywood rethinking beauty and listed several of our fave female entertainers who know how to rock their curves like its the new skinny.

And we’re at it again! That post has been one of our most popular, so we thought we’d bring you a whole ‘nother list of leading ladies who have knocked us out with their talent and not their skeletal physiques.

Adele – She’s already won a bagillion Grammy’s, so are we even the tiniest bit surprised that she took home an Oscar for the theme song to the Bond film “Skyfall?!” Not in the least! And this new mom looked stunning in her sparkly dress! She has said before that she loves food and hates exercise, she just wants to make a good album. I think that’s a wonderful, admirable, absolutely perfect stance for a woman, well, any artist really, to have. If you have talent and put out a good product, who cares about weight?! I’ll tell you 4 ladies who certainly don’t give a crap: US!


Beyonce – Another recent addition into motherhood, Beyonce was still up there shaking what God gave her at the 2013 Super Bowl Half-Time show. I mean, what else is there to say about Beyonce that hasn’t been said before? She’s gorgeous. We all know it. Moving on.

Beyonce Super Bowl

Melissa McCarthy – It’s been an exciting couple of years for Melissa McCarthy! She won an Emmy for “Mike & Molly,” then landed an Oscar nomination for her hilarious role in “Bridesmaids.” But she’s continued to hold the spotlight with leading film roles. Her recent turn as Detective Mullins in the buddy-cop film “The Heat” had a domestic box office opening over $39 million! For the 2013 Emmy’s, she’s been nominated again for her appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Melissa McCarthy EW

Lena Dunham – Speaking of big years, Lena Dunham is out there kicking ass and taking names. TWO Golden Globes were awarded to her this year for her HBO series “Girls.” And this is a show where she is dancing around like a crazy person in a see-through mesh top. If you want to see the opposite of what you’d normally expect of a leading lady in Hollywood, it’s Dunham’s character of Hannah. For the upcoming Emmy’s, she’s been nominated again in both the Lead Actress in a Comedy AND Directing for a Comedy categories. The show overall has nabbed a Best Comedy Series nomination as well, so the streak continues.

Lena Dunham

Mindy Kaling – Not too long ago, Entertainment Weekly listed Mindy Kaling as one of the most powerful women in comedy and this was before she had her own TV show on FOX that she writes for, stars in, and produces/directs. Also not your prototypical twiggy white woman, Kaling is definitely the first Indian leading lady I’ve seen on a major network TV show.

letterman celebs 170912

Christina Hendricks – Not like we need to point out that Christina Hendricks has curves (because it’s sort of what she’s famous for) but I’m doing it anyways! She was named Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive in 2010, not that the title is much to hang your hat on but it shows a general populous preferring a much curvier kind of woman.

Christina Hendricks Mad Men

Megan Hilty – Okay, so “Smash” was cancelled. But while it’s been on, we’ve seen Megan Hilty absolutely blow the roofs off of buildings with her big, Broadway voice while emulating the truest Hollywood sex symbol: Marilyn Monroe. She’s got curves, she’s got boobs, and she can out-sing Katherine McPhee any night of the week.

Megan Hilty

What do you all think? Is it starting to become more acceptable for women in the spotlight to maintain a curvy figure? Dear Lord, we certainly hope so.



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6 Comments on “The Curvier Side of Hollywood, Take 2”

  1. July 26, 2013 at 8:16 am #

    I think that Hollywood is finally starting to redefine what’s “beautiful” and taking a real look at what might not be a healthy image for women to strive for (aka skin and bones). Love your list!

  2. July 26, 2013 at 8:36 am #

    I think all of these women are beautiful. I certainly hope that people realize that real women are beautiful because they are healthy, not because they starve themselves into a size 0

  3. Bre
    July 30, 2013 at 11:58 pm #

    Great post! And I totally get your point . . . and all these women are very admirable and gorgeous, no matter their weight. It IS important to just have a good self esteem and love yourself for what you’ve got!

    HOWEVER… I have to make one note, as something/somebody specific really shocked me here … to me, it’s more about HEALTH. I really didn’t have a positive or negative opinion on Adele before I read this article… but now that I read her quote about how she HATES exercise and “doesn’t have time to workout” AND SHES HOLDING A FRIGGIN CIGARETTE IN HER HAND IN THE PHOTO!??? I guess I could have gotten over the fact she’s sending a bad message about hating exercise and saying she doesn’t have time (there is ALWAYS time for the things in your life that you make a priority), but THE CIGARETTE? Really, Adele? What kind of message is this sending to our youth? Don’t get me wrong, I 100% disagree with the message being sent from ridiculous skinny women on magazine covers that are photoshopped most of the time, anyway, but it also astonishes me that somebody who is not skinny would PROMOTE not working out and smoking cigarettes.

    I believe it’s really about being healthy and happy with who you are, no matter your size… not speaking against people who take care of their bodies and eat right and try to stay active for a healthy heart and mind.

    But that’s just my two cents….

    (no longer a fan of Adele… but I guess I wasn’t gung-ho about her in the first place anyway, heh) :)


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