Favorite New Low-cal Drink

I’m not a person who drinks their daily recommended amount of water. Plain ‘ole water everyday? BORING! I need juice, I need coffee, and I need soda! I need flavor! Which is why a lot of extra calories sneak into my diet via beverages. Well, I recently stumbled across a delicious alternative to help curb this problem of mine. 

I was in the mall the other day and I passed Teavana. I almost always stop by the store to try their samples and this time they had a flavor called Youthberry & Wild Orange Blossom, which is a blend of white and herbal teas. The sample was a hot brew, which was good unto itself, but I thought “I bet this would be great iced.” So I strolled up to the drink counter and ordered myself one.

So. Good.

Youthberry & Wild Orange Blossom Tea.
Photo from Teavana.com

It’s light and fruity, full of antioxidants, and low in caffeine. And the best part: virtually calorie-free.

You can brew a batch at double strength, pour over ice, and voila! A refreshing guilt-free drink for a hot summer day.

Because it is a loose-leaf tea, make sure you are able to brew it properly before you go out and buy it. In order to make this tea by the pitcher-full, I bought myself the Teavana Perfect Tea Maker, which is also available on Amazon!

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